I’ve done many hundreds of interviews in my public career. None were more intelligently, comprehensively, or pleasantly conducted than the one
by Mimi Geerges.
— Mario M. Cuomo, late Governor of New York

The Program

The goal of this program is to help inform Americans about the world around us, especially the broader Middle East by providing a platform for enlightened debate and conversation on international topics.  We discuss U.S. national security and foreign policy, democracy and human rights movements around the world, as well as arts and cultural topics such as film, music and books.  

For two years, the program was produced at WHUT in Washington DC, a PBS station, affiliated with Howard University, and was broadcast throughout the DC metropolitan region.

There’s a clear need for Americans to better understand the world outside of our borders.  It's been over 15 years since 9/11 and Americans are weary of war. Yet, instability and violence overseas continue to occupy significant U.S. attention and resources, including direct threats to our homeland security. Despite the wide exposure via mainstream media, there is an acknowledged deficit of knowledge, particularly about the Arab world. According to a 2014 poll conducted by the Arab American Institute, “a majority of Americans say that they feel that they do not know enough about Arab history and people (57%) or about Islam and Muslims (52%).”[1]

Sadly, the media landscape today is highly polarized, which leads to information that is inaccurate and not useful. Lacking is a forum for in-depth discussion and analysis that provides an ideologically-free platform for discourse to address the needs of Americans for a comprehensive, multi-dimensional educational environment on international issues. Educated Americans are better citizens and influencers in our political system.

[1]  “American Attitudes Toward Arabs and Muslims”; Arab American Institute poll, July 29, 2014

our programming philosophy

We take a strong stand against violent extremism, misogyny, religious persecution and all other forms of human rights violations. We believe in the right of every human being to live in dignity, and peace.

Our mission is to help inform Americans about the world around us, especially the broader Middle East by providing a platform for enlightened debate and conversation on international topics.  One of the best places to execute this mission is on public television.

As stated in the Washington Post, “Driven by the need for both sales/viewership and advertising, private media will focus on whatever sells — they will tend towards stories that are flashy, salacious and entertaining. Public service broadcasting, in contrast, will be more immune to market forces. It will be able to provide the kind of information that the public needs to assess governments and make better-informed political decisions.”[1]

Given this freedom from ratings pressures and corporate ownership, we select relevant topics on the international stage that make Americans better world citizens; topics that inspire empathy towards others, promote positive change in themselves, and expand worldviews.  This program offers a unique perspective through enlightened and engaging conversation, illuminating foreign policy issues important to Americans.

[1] Joshua Tucker, “Does Public Broadcasting Increase Current Affairs Knowledge?” The Washington Post, October 18, 2013



Leo Guillemin - Video Editor and Associate Producer

Léo has been with The Mimi Geerges Show since February of 2014 as the editor and producer.  When he first met Mimi, in search of more inspiring projects, she asked him to commit for 3 months – 3 years and over 40 segments later, he is the show’s dedicated editor.  From creating graphics to selecting the cutaway pictures and promo soundbytes, he is there at all stages of production. He likes finding new ways for the show to reach a wider audience, to encourage more profound and informed conversations around the complex issues Mimi covers.

Léo has worked in video production for over 4 years, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Middle East Studies from McGill University in Montreal. Mimi's intelligent, in-depth interviews and a belief in the power of visual storytelling to enhance cross-cultural understanding are what drew him to the show. Léo also juggles multiple projects as a producer/editor in the DC area. He would like his Arabic to be at the same level as his native French.


Here are pictures with some of our guests taken over the years ...